Updates to Alphabet HDD Plans

Continuing on the coattails of the recent addition of the NVME service, the HDD plans have received a revamp as well. As of today, new HDD plans are available for order. What’s new, you ask?

  • Bandwidth allocations have been doubled. The Alpha plan now comes with 8TB of transfer!
  • Drive size is now 6TB, but users per drive has been dropped to a maximum of 4
  • GPU Transcoding
  • Faster CPU with more threads
  • More RAM
  • Now hosted with Novoserve out of Delft

These upgrades have already been applied to current customers.

Unfortunately, some may perceive some possible downsides to the update:

  • Dedicated IP addresses are no longer available for purchase (their ordering has been disabled for some time already)
  • The Zeta HDD plan has been discontinued for now
  • Users no longer have the option of having a slot hosted at NForce

As always, users with any questions are encouraged to open a ticket or a pre-sales inquiry. Hope you enjoy the new offerings!

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Cryptocurrency Payments Enabled!

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By popular request, select cryptocurrencies have been selected to be enabled for payment through the WHMCS platform. You can now pay your invoices with the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • USD Coin

Please be aware that as per the refund policy, due to rapidly fluctuating market conditions, all cryptocurrency payments are considered final and will forfeit the 7-day return window for new customers.

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Official SABnzbd support and 2 userspace guides added

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With the addition of the nvme lineup, it has come to my attention that there’s a rising demand for Usenet within the servers. Thus, I’ve added support for a second Usenet client: SABnzbd. If you prefer this client over nzbGet, you can easily install it today with the command:

box install sabnzbd

If you need any help getting SABnzbd connected with your current applications, please make sure to take a look at the documentation before opening a ticket.

Furthermore, I’ve written and added two new userspace guides for things that are frequently requested but outside of the current scope of supported applications, but easily installed in the permissive SSH environment:

These two guides are only the beginning of what I have planned to add to the documentation and there’s already been some requests and ideas for some other setup guides (such as a Deluge to rTorrent mover and rclone setup walkthroughs).

These will be coming in the future, so stay tuned!

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Blazing Fast Unlimited NVME with Deluge 2 support

First things first: Happy New Years! I hope everyone has had good holidays and is ready to settle into 2020.

This year, I wanted to shake things up by bringing a new offering to the swizzin lineup. I call it: swizznvme.

For the uninitiated, nvme drives are solid state storage technology that have moved beyond the basic SATA connections that storage technology has relied upon for years. Now, NVME drives are connected to PCI-express lanes and send/receive data directly to/from the CPU.

The result is even faster performance than an SSD.

To top it all off, these new NVME disks are paired with an unmetered pipe from Novoserve. If storage isn’t your primary concern, I’d highly recommend checking out the plans available as the bandwidth offerings are quite generous and the amount of solid state storage being offered at this price will beat nearly any competitor.

Check out the plans here! Pricing starts at $15.95/mo.

For the second item, I wanted to mention that a commonly requested feature has now been brought to the whole lineup: Deluge v2 support.

When installing Deluge, you’ll now have the option between v1.3.15 and v2.0.3. Simply choose which one you’d like to install.

Otherwise, if you’ve already installed Deluge and you want to upgrade, you can use the command box upgrade deluge to upgrade your current installation to the new client.

Be aware of a few caveats however: Deluge thin client support is limited in Windows and there is not yet an easy way to install v2. Furthermore, while upgrades in sessions are supported, downgrades are not. If you upgrade your slot, a backup will be created; however, if you decide you want to downgrade, you will have to reinstall Deluge and restore your session from the backup manually. Any torrents you may have added to the v2 session will need to be manually re-added yourself.

That’s all for now!

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Emby, Lidarr, Bazarr added to the installer

Hey swizzies!

Just a midweek update for you: 3 new package requests have been added to the installer and are available now: Emby, Lidarr and Bazarr.

Get started with:

box install emby
box install lidarr
box install bazarr

Got questions? Please consult the docs before opening a ticket.

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