Cryptocurrency Payments

Due to rapidly fluctuating market conditions, we are unable to process refunds of payments made through cryptocurrency platforms. NO EXCEPTIONS. BY PAYING WITH A CRYPTOCURRENCY, YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT YOU FORFEIT YOUR RIGHT TO A TRIAL PERIOD OR REFUND OF ANY KIND.

7-Day Trial Period

Shared seedbox slots are covered by a 7 day money back policy. You can order any of our shared services and use it as a test. You can cancel it within the first 7 days and we will refund your money. Please note these refunds are pro-rata based within first 7 days. We will bill you only for the traffic used or the number of days you have had your account for. Refunds will be calculated based and whatever is used more: time or traffic.

Our 7-day trial period may only be used a maximum of one time, per person. If it has been discovered that the user has created multiple accounts to circumvent this restriction, swizzin reserves the right to deny your request for a refund.

Furthermore, in the event of a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy or the Terms of Service, the customer agrees to forfeit all right to a refund.

Cancellation Refunds

Following the 7-day trial period, we do not generally refund cancelled contracts. For example, if your contract is quarterly and you request a refund after two months, no refunds will be admitted.

In the event of an Acceptable Use Policy violation, the customer agrees to forfeit all rights to a refund.

How to Request a Refund

To request a refund of a server within your 7-day trial period, please open a ticket with the subject “Immediate Cancellation”. In this ticket, please explain your reason for cancellation and ask for a refund. Additionally, you may also submit a formal cancellation through your services dashboard.

Your cancellation request will be processed as soon as possible. Following this, your funds will be returned to you however they were received.