Updates to Alphabet HDD Plans

Continuing on the coattails of the recent addition of the NVME service, the HDD plans have received a revamp as well. As of today, new HDD plans are available for order. What’s new, you ask?

  • Bandwidth allocations have been doubled. The Alpha plan now comes with 8TB of transfer!
  • Drive size is now 6TB, but users per drive has been dropped to a maximum of 4
  • GPU Transcoding
  • Faster CPU with more threads
  • More RAM
  • Now hosted with Novoserve out of Delft

These upgrades have already been applied to current customers.

Unfortunately, some may perceive some possible downsides to the update:

  • Dedicated IP addresses are no longer available for purchase (their ordering has been disabled for some time already)
  • The Zeta HDD plan has been discontinued for now
  • Users no longer have the option of having a slot hosted at NForce

As always, users with any questions are encouraged to open a ticket or a pre-sales inquiry. Hope you enjoy the new offerings!