Documentation is live!

Hey folks! This post is to let you know that the documentation for applications and services is now live at:

I plan on expanding them with some guides in time, however, they should cover every application and general basics for now. If you’d like to see something added, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

That’s all for now!

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Welcome to the new swizzin!

Hey everyone, welcome to the new website here at! A new coat of paint on top of the default WHMCS skin has been long overdue. I’m happy to say that it’s finally been completed and pushed live for your enjoyment. With that said, there are a few notes and new items worth checking out:


We now have an official discord server. You can use it as a place to gather and talk about community oriented items or look for unofficial support. There are channels for general, help and even server status updates. All-in-all, it’s just a great place to stay up to date about the latest happenings at swizzin.

Join here!

Server Status

Downtime is rare, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. For this reason, I’ve decided to add an uptime monitor directly the menu. If you need to know if your slot is down for everyone, or just for you, then the status page should be your first stop. The network updates page will also be used to help create issues about ongoing and future issues and maintenance on your slot. These two pages should be your first point of reference in checking about an outage. I do my best to respond to every ticket when there’s an outage, but it’s very rare that an outage is reported without me already being aware. (Unless, of course, it’s 4am and I’m sleeping).

That said, following the most recent downtime, I gained some extremely useful insights regarding certain stability issues on XL. I am constantly monitoring RAM and CPU usage on the server and am constantly looking for ways to refine and optimize the software and services. During the last downtime, I uncovered an issue with fail2ban — since addressing this issue, I’ve noted load average minimums have dropped to new lows and are more likely to stay there. Awesome!

WHMCS has moved

The new website now occupies the space which used to be dedicated to the WHMCS end of things. The new URL to access WHMCS (and your client area) is now:

This will be where you can manage your services and check on invoices and support tickets. Please update any bookmarks you may have.


We now have outlined the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy and Refund Policy. Please note that by continuing to use the service, you agree to abide by the terms outlined in the above agreements. If you have any questions regarding any of the policies, please feel free to open a ticket or a general inquiry on the contact page.

Future Plans: Knowledge Base

Almost as overdue as the website redesign. A knowledge base has been a highly requested feature, as many users can find the task of using swizzin for the first time daunting — especially since we only feature an informational dashboard and do not push “web installers”. The knowledge base is currently being populated and will hopefully be ready soon.

Stay tuned on this space for more news in the future!

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Wireguard VPN support added

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VPN support has been hotly requested since the creation of the service. I’m happy to announce that starting today we are able to support the Wireguard implementation of VPNs. I know many of the requests have been specifically for OpenVPN, please bear in mind that Wireguard is simply a technologically superior implementation of a VPN and performs significantly better than OpenVPN servers do (we’re all about performance here). Given this, it is unlikely that swizzin will support OpenVPN in the future.

You can get started with Wireguard by issuing the command:

sudo box install wireguard

If you need help configuring a client (Linux/OS X are officially supported, Windows unofficially), check out the KB article here.

As always, as this was just released, there may be a few lingering gremlins in the code. Please open a ticket if you find you’re having issues with the package and I’ll do my best to get it sorted.


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Changes to Bandwidth Calculation

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It has recently become clear that bandwidth usage on the server is too high, especially when we take into consideration the fact that there is still a significant amount of free space still available on the server. I have been keeping my eye on where the extra bandwidth is going, and it has become clear that a few users are utilizing significant amounts of bandwidth to upload their files to Google Drive. Regretfully, we cannot sustain this exemption as the server is simply pushing too much data and we have our own quotas to meet.

Thus, I regret to inform you that as of October 1st, the firewall rules will be re-written to include ports 80 and 443 for data that is sent by your user unless you are a Zeta user.

What does this mean for you?

  • Download from Google Drive (i.e. for Plex usage) will still not be counted (download is unmetered)
  • Using HTTP to transfer files directly via the webserver will also not be counted (i.e. downloads from your panel are data that is sent by the www-data user, thus not marked)
  • We are not adjusting rules regarding FTP/SFTP
  • Zeta users will continue to be able to utilize this feature as is
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New Packages Added to the Installer

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update to let you know that a few new applications which have been commonly requested have now been added to system template.  They can now be installed as of right now!

What’s new:

Please note, the plex-tunnel package requires that you have your own VPS (or other dedicated server) to complete the install. The plex-tunnel package is useful if you find that you would like to reroute your Plex traffic through a private server — this can help increase your performance and is a great option if you’re not quite getting the speeds you’d like.

If you run into any issues with the new templates, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket.

Keep your eyes open for the openvpn package, which should be available soonTM

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